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Quarries in Achooranam Village

List of Quarries in Achooranam Village with landmark. Click on a quarry to get the details of quarry with location.

Sl No.DistrictTalukVillageQuarry Landmark
1WayanadVythiriAchooranamAnath Rd
2WayanadVythiriAchooranamAnath Rd
3WayanadVythiriAchooranamAnath Rd
4WayanadVythiriAchooranamAnath Rd
5WayanadVythiriAchooranamPazhamoodi Vellaram Kunnu Rd
6WayanadVythiriAchooranamPazhamoodi Vellaram Kunnu Rd
7WayanadVythiriAchooranamPazhamoodi Vellaram Kunnu Rd
8WayanadVythiriAchooranamKozhikode Mysoor NH
9WayanadVythiriAchooranamKozhikode Mysoor NH