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Quarries in Padinjarathara Village

List of Quarries in Padinjarathara Village with landmark. Click on a quarry to get the details of quarry with location.

Sl No.DistrictTalukVillageQuarry Landmark
1WayanadVythiriPadinjaratharaDam Rd
2WayanadVythiriPadinjaratharaDam Rd
3WayanadVythiriPadinjaratharaDam Rd
4WayanadVythiriPadinjaratharaState Highway 54
5WayanadVythiriPadinjaratharaState Highway 54
6WayanadVythiriPadinjaratharaState Highway 54
7WayanadVythiriPadinjaratharaState Highway 54